Rose (lifeinroseland) wrote,

Seldom, in New York City, will a store brim with so much beauty to make me cross the street, and come on in, but that is exactly what happened today.


I was blissed out. The attendant I spoke to apologized that the mums were just put there, they had just gotten them, "I like them like that!" I did. They were my welcome path.



The orchids were singing.


I only picked up a piece of lapis shaped like a heart, to see if I could take a little memento, but it was $125. Another time. It's on 1st avenue between 51st & 52nd, if you're in the 'hood. Second most beautiful store I've ever been to.


On the next block, I entered a more modest plant store. It smelled like Upstate and I felt closer to home. That woodsy smell that turned out to be just dry eucalyptus, classic. The attendant was also very nice and I purchased this!


I've been wanting a hanging plant which leaves themselves are the protagonist. I wanted pink but purple does it too! It's called a Wandering Jew, "Cuz it's all over." Well I'd never seen one. Wish us luck!
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